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We all love our hair and want it to be healthy and attractive until our last breath. But busy work schedules somehow make us follow unhealthy practices that damage our hair, increasing even more as age grows. Hair transplant is the method through which the lost hair can regenerate.

Hair Transplant in London

A hair transplant is a procedure in which hair is transferred from one region (donor hair) to another area of the head. It is a minor surgery that is done under local anaesthetic. Two types of transplants include slit grafts and micro grafts, and the procedure is available for both men and women. People under medication and suffering from any significant disorder cannot undergo this procedure. Hair transplant in London has become quite affordable and effective with our services.

Best hair transplant clinic London

We rank among the best hair transplant clinic in London and provide hair loss treatment in London for both men and women. We have a team of the best surgeons who provide the best before and after results in a shorter period. Equipped with advanced technology, we also provide modern painless procedures like Direct Implantation and Follicular Unit Extraction to provide natural-looking results. These minor surgeries for hair loss London are carried out with great care and precautions, which is shown by the fact that we conduct pre-operative tests to examine our patient’s body condition and then decide the necessary procedure to be conducted.

Who can undergo a hair transplant?

Hair burns can also be treated using a hair transplant procedure. With pattern baldness, thinning hair, and scalp injury, both men and women can undergo a hair transplant. Only 1-2 hairs per graft are used in a micrograft, while 4-10 hairs are used per slit graft. Patients undergoing chemotherapy or having any keloid scars unfortunately cannot undergo this procedure. Once the hair transplant is completed, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications reduce the pain and any possible infection. It takes almost 8 to 12 months after the surgery for the hair to grow to its full amount.

Hair Transplant Clinic London & best Surgeons

Our hair transplant clinic in London has the best team of surgeons who have extensive experience over the years and have handled even complicated cases with precision and accuracy. Patients can use our website to book their free consultation 24/7 or call-in during office hours to have one of our receptionists book their consultation. They can also visit during office hours and view our catalogue of before and after results. Surgeons take immense responsibility to educate the patients about taking care of themselves and providing the best support to the patients by addressing their concerns. We also have enough patient coordinators to help our patients throughout the procedure.

Budget- No More an issue

Finally, nothing seems to appeal to us if it is not affordable. Our clinic considers this point and has made all the hair transplant services affordable for all people.