African Hair Transplant

Curly hair transplant procedures are usually the most complex type of hair transplant surgery. Naturally, the follicle of afro hair has a curl, unlike what you will find with straight hair. Thus, for a successful procedure that will keep the structure intact, hair surgeons must ensure the maximum survival for the grafts with minimal chances for ingrown hairs.

What Causes Hair Loss for Curly Hair?

Traction Alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss for curly-haired patients. The condition is identified by a hairline that has started to recede at the scalp’s temple. Traction Alopecia usually stems from the continuous stress that the hair follicles undergo due to hair treatments such as relaxing, hairstyles like braids, and the use of weaves.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

Here, follicular units are taken in much larger portions directly from the donor and then transplanted to the recipient area of the scalp.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

This procedure involves carefully extracting the patient’s hair from the donor sites in groups consisting of about one to four hairs at a go and then transplanting it to the thinning or bald region. It is a more thorough process compared to Follicular Unit Extraction and so, it requires sharper precision and expertise to ensure that it is done properly to offer superb results.

Challenges of Performing the African Hair Transplant Procedure

The curly hair transplant procedure is a lot more complicated compared to that of a straight-haired patient due to the following reasons

  • The shape of the curly hairline is different compared to the straight frontotemporal outline of patients with straight hair.
  • The curly nature of the hair follicle, sometimes makes it more challenging to individually extract the curly hair follicles without destroying them

Benefits of Afro Hair Transplant Restorations

As complicated as it may be to undergo curly hair transplant surgery, it is exceptionally rewarding for both men and women. Here’s how you’ll benefit from coming for an African hair transplant procedure at our London Hair Transplant Clinic;
  • Thanks to the curliness, a smaller number of follicles can be used to achieve a fuller appearance of the balding area. Naturally, wavy and kinky hair gives a better illusion of thicker hair, which after all is the goal of this procedure
  • It is usually less expensive for lucky patients whose thinning and balding is corrected with a smaller number of hair grafts.
  • Given that a smaller number of hair grafts are needed the procedure will typically take less time. Furthermore, a shorter procedure lowers risks such as scalp trauma, and subsequently, patients enjoy faster healing times.

Owing to the complicated nature of curly hair transplant surgery, curly-haired patients who need to correct their thinning and baldness should seek the services of the most experienced African hair transplant specialists. The hair cosmetologists at London Hair Transplant Clinic (LHTC) offer unparalleled services that will turn your dream of having fuller hair with more volume throughout your head into a reality.

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