Eyebrow Transplant in London

Eyebrow Hair Transplant London

Many surveys conclude by stating that people notice eyes first and then other facial features along with a person’s personality. Beautiful eyes, winged eyeliner, and perfectly shaped eyebrows make a deadly combination and enhance the beauty of a person. An Eyebrow is a small part of the face but has the power to change the whole look of a person. Some people are naturally born with thick, joined and bushy eyebrows.

On the other hand, due to unforeseen circumstances or illnesses such as accidents, burns, auto-immune diseases, excessive use of drugs, and other facial injuries the shape of the eyebrows can become distorted.

An unattractive eyebrow has the tendency to take the self-confidence away and affects the personality of a person.

If you are also suffering from unequal eyebrows, then Eyebrow Hair Transplant in London is for you. Instead of going for temporary treatments and long-term home remedies, why not go for a permanent result? There are many Doctors in UK who suggest an eyebrow hair transplant in London for permanent recovery of eyebrows. Eyebrow Transplant in London Clinic  that offers this treatment and guarantees good results.

The procedure for Eyebrow Transplantation is effective and simple.

  • In this procedure, hair is extracted from the donor area which in turn induces the growth of the follicles.
  • Once the follicles are harvested according to their shape, they are transplanted using local anaesthesia to accommodate the grafts.
  • The treatment takes approximately 6-8 hours to re-shape the brows and provide a permanent result.

An eyebrow hair treatment is quite a challenging task which is why not every doctor or worldwide can perform the surgery. LHCC doctors are experienced and specialise in performing the surgery and provide excellent results. At the clinic, With help of Best Eyebrow Transplant Surgeon london, there are different packages available for the treatment depending on the situation. If you are thinking about or planning any treatment, book your free consultation session to discuss the procedure and have any queries answered.

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